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Can Jam May: Cherry Rhubarb Pie filling

This month's Can Jam Food Blog Challenge is Rhubarb, which is great. I love the stuff and have been known to eat it raw.

Yaaa! Rhubarb season, In a few weeks the only you pick within an hours drive will be open, rhubarb. I will most likely get 20lbs. Half to be dried, some frozen and the rest canned. I have been wanting to try this recipe for Cherry Rhubarb Pie filling since I saw it last year. It came out pretty good. I did have to scale it down. I only had 4 cups of dark cherries left over from last year. Freezers are nice.

I think that I will freeze some rhubarb just for cherry season to make more.

Lets see things I did a little different I used clear jell, the kind for canning. I did not scale down the amount of lemon juice, I wanted to make sure that the pH was still in range, I used vanilla sugar and cut out the Almond Extract. I ended up with 2 quarts and used one the next day. Had to make sure that it was good, you know.