Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sock It To Me Sock Swap

I have started my sock it to me sock. I am using the July Socks the Rock.

Sockapalooza 4

I am DONE!!! Whooo!!! I finished the socks for my pal. They have beads and should fit. I will be sending the rest of the yarn so if she wants to make it bigger she can.


Well life does not always work out how you would like. I had Surgery scheduled for the 23 of July. I found out on July 19 that the insurance company would like to review my records for a while longer and tell me there verdict on the 2nd of August. Ummm, some how I do not think that this is going to work. I can not move the surgery to later in August because I have to go to a week school in the middle and that would not leave me enough recovery time. So now I am planing and hoping to have it done in December. This is the earliest time that my mother can come out for at least a 2 week stay.

I am mostly frustrated with the whole thing. I had everything planed, work, vacation, having someone here. Now I have to do this all over. There are some good points but right now they are a little hard to see.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Well I did not finish clue 2 before clue three came out but I did not do to bad. This is at line 139. There is a row that I goofed a little. Can you see it? I am likening the pattern. I do most defiantly have to pay attention when I knit.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok, it will not let me put a Title on the post how strange.

Well it is Monday. I called the Dr.'s office where I am getting the surgery to find out how the insurance was going. They did not have the right address for the pre-determination. So I spent 2 hours on the phone getting it. The insurance company says that they normally take 30 days to go over these things. Ummm my surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. So I am a little nervous. Especially because the insurance only takes this if it is mailed in. So I do not know what is going to happen.

I can not have it latter this summer because I have to go to a school in Aug for a week and another school in Sept for a few days. I called my Mom and she calmed me down. She said that if it can not be done tis summer I can have it done the 17 of Dec because she has 3 weeks off and can come out then. This has its good points. So now I will be doing things as if it will be aproved in time but I will not stress near as much.

I promise that m next post will have knitting pics.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dinner for Monday the 16th

My Mother, Dad, and 2 nieces are will be here late the 15 of July. I am thinking of having a turkey dinner on Monday. This way I have some leftovers for the rest of the week. I also have some roasts for when the turkey is gone. Here is the list of what I needs to do before they get here.

Make a grocery list

Clean House, this one is very important and I have alot to do. I am a clutter.

Figure out what all I am feeding people.

make a list of the tings for my Dad to fix around the house. I any have him for a week so it can not be that long.

clean out at least 1 drawer in my dresser for my Mom, she will be here for close to 4 weeks.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Questionnaire for Sock it to Me Swap



  1. What are your foot measurements? (Please give shoe size, length and circumference.)

I wear size 9 ½ shoe. My foot length is 10 inches, foot circumference is 8 ½ inches. I also have high arches.

  1. How long have you been knitting? How would you rate your experience? (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.)

I started knitting in March of 2006, I think that my experience is in the intermediate range.

  1. What is your favorite color?

Blues, Purple, Greens, jewel tones.

  1. Your least favorite color?

Bright neon yellows and oranges

  1. Do you have a favorite fiber?

Anything as long as it is superwash

  1. Do you have any allergies to certain fibers?


  1. Do you have an Amazon, or other type of, wishlist? (If so, provide the link.)

Yes, this is a book list, mostly of books that have not come out yet. I use it as a reminder.

  1. What techniques, if any, would you like to learn?

Not so much learn but I would like to get better at Cabling and lace work.

  1. Do you have a sweet tooth?

Yes, I like chocolate but do not mail any right now. It will just melt. I also like jelly beans, hard candy, black licorice. Cookies as good to, I like them cruncy.

  1. What are your favorite snacks?

This time of year it is fresh fruit or veggies. I go to the farmers market on Sat.

  1. What is your family situation? (Children, Husband, Pets...etc.)

Only my brother.

  1. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Metal, plastic or wood?

I use most of the time Knit picks circulars. They are pointy.

  1. Besides socks, what are your favorite items to knit?

Felted bags

  1. Is there a pattern, (sock or otherwise), that you are dying to try?

Something by Cookie A.

  1. Do you like to read? What are you reading currently?

I read all the time. I am one of those people who have to read before I go to bed. Right now I reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, and listening to Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce.

  1. Do you collect music? (On an iPod or MP3 player.) What kind of music do you listen to?

I have an Ipod. I listen to all different kinds of music, county, pop, bluegrass, Celtic. It really depends on my mood. I also listen to lots of books on my Ipod. I use audible.

  1. Is there anything you collect?

Clutter, not what you thinking of I am sure. Books really. I have 7 bookcases mostly full. It is not a family room it is a gaming/library.

  1. What are your hobbies, aside from knitting?

Reading, watching TV, playing video games, gardening.

  1. Are you participating in any other swaps or knit alongs?

I am in mystery stole 3 and sockapalooza. I am almost done with the sockapalooza socks.

  1. Do you have a favorite scent?

Fruity or foody. I do not care for floral sents.

  1. When is your birthday? (You don't have to add the year if you don't want to, LOL

It is in Jan.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It is less than 3 weeks until the surgery. I am starting to get nervous. I now have a list of things that I should and should not do. 1. NO aspirin, tylenol, Advil or anything like that. I need to eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water. This will help with the healing.

Mystery Stole 3

I am right now on row 83. It is going pretty good. I have found that knitting with charts is not a good idea if I am tired. I kept having to tink back. I am using 2 different bead colors. A lilac bead for the body beads, and a peacock color bead for the edging. You have until the 9th to sign up for it. Coloring the chart helps.


I am not starting to clean for my parents visit. I can not afford to have professionals do it this time. So now I have to do it, sniff sniff cry cry. They will be here late the 15th. I am planing on cooking the turkey that I have in the freezer with all the fixings. This way I have left overs for the rest of the week. Less cooking to plan for. The State Fair starts when they are here so I think that they might go. It will most likely depend on the weather.

Knitting Guild

The last one was about knitting with pencil roving. It was very cool! The net time I when to the LYS I had to find some. I found some rainbow color roving. I think that I will use it in a double strand felted bag pattern.

The weather

It is getting warmer and I do not have AC so it was warm inside by 1pm.