Saturday, December 09, 2006

Medical Stuff

Meds that I should not take:

Lisinopril makes me cough, very frustrating

Atenolol no longer effective

Cozaar no longer effective

drugs with sudafed in them, I should under no circumstances take. I get insomnia and a vile headache.

I am putting this down mainly so I can remember. I have been having to switch meds lately and do not want to get them mixed up in my head.

I was at the Dr's on Wed and Thus. Wed I got my back adjusted, this went very well. It only took one try to get them all to crack.

Thus. I found out that the CT I had 2 weeks ago showed that five of my sinuses are infected. This definitely explain all the pain that I have been having. My ears have been hurting because my sinuses have not been draining right, they have been pushing against my ear drums. So I am back on antibiotics and mucinex D. I will see what happens. It is just that I have been having issues for around four months and want it over. That and all of the meds are expensive, $24 each, it adds up.

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