Monday, May 07, 2007

yard work

This is a list of things I have to do, If I have it listed I will not forget as much. This is what the front yard looked like on Sat.

Front Yard:

fix gutter down spouts, I need to replace one and add an extender to the other. Done!!!

Buy and Plant rhubarb Done!!!!

clean out where I want to plant the zucchini and squash Done!! and planted.

Have Shawn weed eat the taller weeds around the tree. Done! he mowed it instead.

Make the bed where I want to plant bulbs

dig out the dandelions Started

put a weed controller down on side yard

move rocks to side yard, has been started

Back Yard:

set up canopy, the second or third blizzard blew the top off Done!!!

set up where the herb bed will be

start planting peas

have Shawn mow the lawn, when it dries out Done!!!

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