Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well I have 12 Jars of peach sauce and I have started to make apple sauce. I will have more of those, it is easier and cheaper to make.
I am also done drying peaches and have started drying apples. I have a nice amount of dried peaches though.


Kimber said...

Michelle- Are the peaches for Jam? that looks like fun and very yummy!

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

They do kind of look like jam but they are for a peach version of apple sauce. I do use in peanut butter=
sandwiches. It is just a little runny for jam.

Crafty librarian said...

I wish that the preserving ethic would translate its way over to the UK - you can't get drying or canning equipment for love nor money over here. Husband and I would love to be self sufficient some day so we are practicing now - we made our first quince cheese (membrillo) yesterday - an amazing transformation from yellow mush to dark purple goo, which if we can wait that long, will be incredible with cheese for christmas.

all the best

Your ISE Hostess, Charlie (trying not to think about knitting ALL the time!)