Monday, October 29, 2007


Last weekend was MileHiCon, a science fiction convention in Denver. This year it was very much like a family reunion. The all of my close family was there as well as my cousin, she lives only a few hours away. This was very cool. We will not see each other until Thanksgiving of next year. This year there was David Weber! He and his wife were very nice and so were most of the other authors. You get to see them on different panels and talk to them as they walk around. This year at the literacy auction David Weber was auctioning off the ability to have your name in one of his next books. A group of five people could bid together. This is called Tuckerization or Redshirting.
With this the person or persons that wins gets the book when it is sent to the publisher, a year ahead of when you can buy it. The second part of the bid allows that winner to decide of the person or persons being Tuckerized lives or dies. We, my family and someone that my mother had just met had the winning bid on gettingTuckerized. Someone else won the living or dieing part.

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