Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My brother and I dug a three foot deep, four foot wide and 15 feet long to plant some raspberries. We dug that deep so the trench could be lined. It that is not done the raspberries will escape. In some places they are considered an invasive species and can not be planted at all. They only look like sticks right now, I should start to get raspberries next year. I miss going out to the back yard in the summer and just picking a eating them out of hand. I had to wait until I bought a house to do this. Next year these should look a lot better.

I also have some rhubarb growing in their second year. I should be able to harvest some this fall. This is there second year. I had to movie them last year, to much afternoon sun and not enough water. Now they get some morning sun and I set up some drip irrigation for them this year.

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