Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie, Mint Chocolate Pudding non dairy

This week Melissa from Its Melissas Kitchen has picked Chocolate Pudding. Well this was the first pudding that I have ever made from scratch. I have always used instant. It was a good pudding. It does need to set in the fridge for the full 4 hours though. I will most likely make this again but in the winter. It was hot to make and made my kitchen even hotter. The skin forms very fast.

Changes made to recipe : I used vanilla soy milk instead of milk, earth balance instead of butter and a non dairy chocolate. When you heat up the milk I added 20 crushed mint leaves and then strained them out when you add the milk to the egg mixture. It gave the pudding a mild mint flavor.

They soy substitutes worked well, you could not tell the difference between this and a dairy version. What is very important though is to use good chocolate. I used Safeway's Organic chocolate chips. It is the to easiest non dairy chocolate to find and they taste pretty good.

For more takes on chocolate pudding check out Tuesday's with Dorie. Some people made it into Ice Cream and there were also some chocolate pies happening.


Rigby said...

Hello :) I have a friend who is supposed to avoid dairy, so I was interested when I read that you used soy milk. How did that work? Did you use plain soy? Kudos for the innovation with pudding :)

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I used Soy Silk Vanilla Soy milk. It worked well.

aaliyah said...

Glad you found a way to make it in a way that suits people that can not have dairy products. Great way to adjust it and glad it turned out great for you. I look forward to your post next week !

Jules Someone said...

I'm glad it worked out for you.

Dolores said...

Interesting modifications to the recipe. I'm especially intrigued by your mint addition; I bet that added a lovely note.