Monday, October 09, 2006

knitting to be done in Oct

Knitting that needs to be done in October:

Fingerless gloves for my sister. I have been knitting and unknitting one for way to long. I think that I know have a pattern that will work, the main part in stockennet just did not look right. I am doing the body in the Sock of Doom pattern. I am almost to the ribbing. This in Socks That Rock yarn and it is great.

The socks that I have started or that are unmated. There are quite a few.
The toe up knee sock for me in Lornas Laces. I am almost done with one. I will be doing the mate in a different stich pattern. I got tiered of it. The first one was done with something from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Jaywalkers in
Cascade Sassy Stripes. I like the yarn, this will be my second pair of Jaywalkers. It makes a good sock to do while waiting, this time I am using an eye-of-partridge heel.

The start and finsh the mate to a mock crock sock I am making for one of my neices.

Finsh one and start the other
Hedera sock. This set I think that I will have to redo. It seems a bit loose. I am making it for someone with size 7 1/2 wide feet.

This seems like it will be enough. I know that I will start something else though. I also need to finsh my felted slippers. I have one done and felted. The other one just needs the second bottom done.

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Princess Frodo said...

Dude, unmatched socks roxors.

~Frodo aka Kim