Friday, October 20, 2006


I hate being sick. Last month I had what I thought was a cold, at the end I would go to blow my nose and nothing would come out. After a week of sinus pain I went to the Dr. She thought that I had a sinus infection, gave me antibiotics for 2 weeks, Nasonex and told me to take mucinex. At the end the pain went away.

How ever just 2 days after I was done with all of it the pain came back, and hurt worse.
So I went back to the Dr., I could not get her but was able to so the nurse practioner. When she looked up my nose it was so swollen and red that she could not see anything. She said that I needed to get my inner nose unswollen and had me take astilin, nasonex and claritin. The mix of astilin and claritin put me to sleep and made me hungry. After 2 weeks if it did not get better I was to come back.

It was not better after 2 weeks so I went back. This time they think that it is a chronic sinus infection and I am on antibiotics for 21 days. My nose was still swollen. If this does not help I am going to end up going to an ENT and an allergist. I just want it to stop having post nasal drip, stop hurting and to be able to blow my nose and have stuff come out.

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