Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today i got my dental splint. I now have to wear it 24 hours a day for many months, 5-6. It can be taken out to brush and floss my teeth and to soak in denture cleaner to get ride of smell. That is it. I need to were it when eating and so on.

So far the hard part is talking, I am having a fer issues with S's, F's and a few other sounds.

The splint instructions that I got from the Orthodontist was interesting.

1. Wear at all times, this includes when eating.

2. You can remove it for a several minutes so you can floss and brush your teeth. This would be the time to clean the splint.

3. If the splint becomes malodorous, you can remove it for 30 min to soak in your favorite mouthwash.

4. Avoid sleeping on your jaw.

5. Avoid chewy foods and chewing gum, and avoid biting anything with your front teeth. A soft diet is recommended.

6. Avoid clenching your teeth as much as possible.

I found some of the instructions a little funny. Of course you wear it 24 hours a day that is the point and right now it is very hard to get it out. Yea, if it starts smelling I am cleaning it. I am not having something smelly in my mouth for a long time. If I do not brush my teeth food Will get stuck between the splint and the teeth and that just would not look good. And oh ya I do not what to clench my teeth in the first place.

It shall be fun to see what I can and can not eat though. I am making up some instant oatmeal packets for lunch for the next few days.

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