Thursday, March 22, 2007

Washington DC

My brother's wedding is the first Sat. in June. It is right outside Washington DC. I am looking at the places that I want to see while I am there. The textile Museum is having an event while I am going to be there, it is the kind where they shear a sheep and they do everything to the wool.

I really want to go to the Smithsonian. I am just not sure which part I want to go to first. The Postal Museum also sounds cool. My sister works for the post office. Or maybe go to the National Air and Space Museum . I heard that driving is not a good idea, the hotel that my brother is having us stay at goes in to DC easily. But I think that I may get a few travel guides be for I go. The Washington Metropolitan Transit is a web site that I am going to go over.


gallawayal said...

I work at the National Postal Museum and your post just came up on a Google search I was doing on the museum. If you go to this link,
you can request information about the Postal Museum, which I will send you along with information about using the Metro system.

gallawayal said... looks like the link got cut off. Here's another way to get to the page:
- Go to

- Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the homepage, where you'll see "Contact" as one of several links in gray type.

- Select the "Other" option for the type of information you would like.

This should take you to the contact screen.

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...


Dorothy said...

DC has some great yarn shops and fabric shops too. I hope you have a great time.