Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I bought a 27 year old house 2 years ago and there are 8 dutch elms in the back yard. These where put in when the house was built. Elms are not a good tree for this area. They are the last to loose their leaves and first to get them. The backyard was not landscaped with a thought for the future. The trees grew together and are crowding each other out. The elms split into 2 and 3 trunks a long time ago. This meant that they have been collecting water for a while. This causes rotting. I had to get the trees cut down, with the wind here they could have hit stuff, like my house.

Getting a tree cut down is not cheap. For the 2 larger trees it was $600 and for the 2 medium trees it was $300. The large tree was rotten all the way to the ground and a little lower. This is the one that would have hit my house. I am very glad that it was cut down before winter. One of the other trees was rotten as well.

Now that the big tree is gone I get so much more light downstairs. It is nice. Where 2 of them come out it would work as my garden.

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