Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I made chili from scratch for the first time Sunday. It came out pretty good. Monday I went and pressure canned it. I have 5 quart and one pint jar with no chili in that pot left over. I had to put some of the spicy chili in the freezer, I did not have enough of the cooler parts to make it then. That and I ran out of room in the pot. The nice part of pressure canning it is that if I just do not want to cook all I have to do it open the jar and heat it up. This also works well for lunch, I tend to keep at least one jar at each of my work's. Normally I just take some calls of no bean chili and add more meat and lots of beans.


Princess Frodo said...
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Princess Frodo said...

No beans in chili!? O.o Blasphemy!


I made my chili too spicy, and I think I ruined my ladle. ^.^; Now I know how dad burned the inside of his. ^.^;