Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sewing projects

Finish table cloth for my mother's friend

Finish lap quilt for my mother's friend. My mother got most of the top done I just need to add the borders, backing and quilt it.

Finish toucan's

Make some more small knitting bags

Make some more tote bags

Make 2 tote bags for each of my grand mothers

make some small gift bags

make some aprons for me, I would use them now.

Well that is the list as of now, this is sure to change.

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Princess Frodo said...

Hey, do you get your quilting supplies from an online store? A customer was asking about quilting the other day, and complaining about the place in town (they over charged her and cut her a yard and a half more fabric than she wanted), and was asking about online places to get material. (Apparently a baby blanket cost her $200 to make.)