Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bookmarked recipes - Apple Pie Jam

For my Bookmarked recipe this week I made Apple Pie jam. I got the recipe from Clumbusfoodie. I made 2 batches, one with the full amount of sugar and one with half of the sugar and low sugar pectin. For the second batch what I did was double everything but the sugar. This jam really does taste like apple pie. Now I can have some apple pie everyday on toast.


Megan said...

Thanks for the pumpkin butter info. I did not know that about canning pumpkin. I canned half and froze half so I'm throwing out the jars I canned. I edited my post to reflect the changes. Thanks for the info. I'm glad I didn't give away any of the canned jars. I could of killed someone! :o
This recipe looks pretty promising! :)

Patsyk said...

What a great recipe! I'm bookmarking it for myself!

Ruth E said...

Wow!! Great jam recipe! Love the idea of apple pie jam

Thanks for sending this into the round up