Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jamming Jelly Exchange

Batter-Splattered hosted a very cool exchange, Jam or Jelly. I go a very tasty jar of Cocoa Fig Jam made by Neena in Georgia. This was very cool. Thanks!!!!


Angie said...

I should have sent this a week ago but I did get your jellies and stuff. I was shocked to uncover so many goodies in the box! What a great surprise! I’ve only tasted the pear jelly, which was great because it was a firmer version of pear butter. The lemon curd is some of the prettiest I’ve seen canned in a long time and the kiwis found their home in my oatmeal for the next few weeks. The apple pie jelly did come un-gelled but I figure that it’ll be just perfect for pancakes during the long winter months. I can see it now… apple pie pancakes. Thanks for everything!
-Angie in Alaska

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

Hmm, I wonder why the Apple pie jam came unjelled. The ones I have now are still jelled. I wonder if the change in altitude my be the cause. I am glad that you liked it.

Angie said...

I have had jellies with high pectin levels come unjelled when I fly with them in my luggage and so, I figure that the mail had to get flown here. I'm not sure why they do that but it happens frequently and I think it is an altitude issue.