Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter Scarf Swap

  • What colors do you like/dislike?

I like blues, greens, purples. Jewel tones. Colors that make me go ick are oranges and yellows.

  • Are you allergic to anything? (wool, pet hair, smoke, nuts, etc...)?

  • What level of knitter are you (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?

  • Where do you knit? Will you make this scarf while doing something else (such as watching TV, passenger in car, etc.)
Most likely I will knit the scarf in front of the TV or at appointments, maybe a little of it at red lights, they last 2-4 minutes here.

  • What weight of yarn do you like to work with? (lace weight, fingering, worsted, bulky)?
I prefer fingering or sport weight yarn.

  • Do you want it to be machine washable?
Yes please.

  • What fibers do you enjoy working with?
Wool, alpaca. I can not work with cotton.

  • Are there any particular styles–Fairisle, Nordic, Aran etc. you like or would like to try out in a scarf?
I would like to try Aran or cabling.

  • Do you have a favorite scarf now? Why do you love it so?
My favorite scarf is 1/4 of a yard wide, it covers my head as well as my neck.

  • Would you like a traditional scarf pattern or would you prefer something else such as a gaiter, cowl, gaiter, or capelet type of arrangement? If you would like a traditional rectangular pattern--do you like short scarves that you tuck in your coat or a long one that you can wrap and wrap around
I cowl pattern would be cool.

  • Several of the people who signed up for this swap are crocheters. Do you crochet? (I don't but if you want a crochet pattern and supplies I'm happy to accommodate.)
Nope, I do not crochet.

  • What kind of cup, mug do you need/like to drink out of?
Big, with a funny saying.

  • Do you have favorite sports/teams?
No, not really.

  • What do you want to drink in that cup or mug?
Hot Cocoa please.

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