Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It is less than 3 weeks until the surgery. I am starting to get nervous. I now have a list of things that I should and should not do. 1. NO aspirin, tylenol, Advil or anything like that. I need to eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water. This will help with the healing.

Mystery Stole 3

I am right now on row 83. It is going pretty good. I have found that knitting with charts is not a good idea if I am tired. I kept having to tink back. I am using 2 different bead colors. A lilac bead for the body beads, and a peacock color bead for the edging. You have until the 9th to sign up for it. Coloring the chart helps.


I am not starting to clean for my parents visit. I can not afford to have professionals do it this time. So now I have to do it, sniff sniff cry cry. They will be here late the 15th. I am planing on cooking the turkey that I have in the freezer with all the fixings. This way I have left overs for the rest of the week. Less cooking to plan for. The State Fair starts when they are here so I think that they might go. It will most likely depend on the weather.

Knitting Guild

The last one was about knitting with pencil roving. It was very cool! The net time I when to the LYS I had to find some. I found some rainbow color roving. I think that I will use it in a double strand felted bag pattern.

The weather

It is getting warmer and I do not have AC so it was warm inside by 1pm.

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