Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok, it will not let me put a Title on the post how strange.

Well it is Monday. I called the Dr.'s office where I am getting the surgery to find out how the insurance was going. They did not have the right address for the pre-determination. So I spent 2 hours on the phone getting it. The insurance company says that they normally take 30 days to go over these things. Ummm my surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. So I am a little nervous. Especially because the insurance only takes this if it is mailed in. So I do not know what is going to happen.

I can not have it latter this summer because I have to go to a school in Aug for a week and another school in Sept for a few days. I called my Mom and she calmed me down. She said that if it can not be done tis summer I can have it done the 17 of Dec because she has 3 weeks off and can come out then. This has its good points. So now I will be doing things as if it will be aproved in time but I will not stress near as much.

I promise that m next post will have knitting pics.

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