Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well life does not always work out how you would like. I had Surgery scheduled for the 23 of July. I found out on July 19 that the insurance company would like to review my records for a while longer and tell me there verdict on the 2nd of August. Ummm, some how I do not think that this is going to work. I can not move the surgery to later in August because I have to go to a week school in the middle and that would not leave me enough recovery time. So now I am planing and hoping to have it done in December. This is the earliest time that my mother can come out for at least a 2 week stay.

I am mostly frustrated with the whole thing. I had everything planed, work, vacation, having someone here. Now I have to do this all over. There are some good points but right now they are a little hard to see.

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